Out of Office

H! Thank you for popping by, but I’m afraid I’m offline. I would love to tell you that I am enjoying the summer, sailing the Aegean sea but to say the true, I am at the moment based in Thessaloniki, at the library, finishing my student duties. I know that you understand me. I promise faithfully to update you with lots of news and adventures when I’m done with the exams, in the meantime you can find me here or here.

A for Acropolis, Athens

If you are searching for a place that it is ancient and modern, relaxed and full of life, Athens is the best choice! It is not a secret that I truly adore this spectacular city.  Everywhere you turn you can see a place that is very important for the history of the world, for humanity and for society. You can get inspired, you can think and really reset your thoughts and feel small after understanding that most of these things were built thousands year ago. This city is literally an open-air museum, with layer upon layer of culture and history. Somehow everytime when I am in Athens, something urges me to visit Acropolis again. It is never enough! That day the city was overheated so I decided to seek for shelter from the heat at magnificent  Acropolis Museum. Honestly, I enjoyed two hours strolling through history and it made me to…