You can find many different information and description about summer Greek destinations in those travel magazines, or catalogs of tourists agencies, however, they all have only one goal to sell you the accommodation. Since 2015. I am discovering Halkidiki, and now I can call it my second summer home.  I adore those amazing beaches and the Aegean crystal blue sea. Beside the sea, Halkidiki is famous by its small beautiful picturesque historical villages. And the best thing, it is easy to get there for everyone. If I made to drive there by car, everyone can do it. In case you got lost on the road, do not be shy to ask locals or to call the owner of the place you are heading to. Greeks are famous for their friendship and hospitality.

Playmoo Amazing Sea House at Paliouri, Kassandra

Every time when I am going somewhere, I like to do a small research. Of course blogger, stays blogger so I pay attention to all possible details. I usually spend a lot of time surfing online, researching and deep analyzing all reviews, as well as stalking those companies on social media accounts. If I manage to ask locals for advice, even better. In order to save your time, I decided to share with you the website that I have discovered and that made my summer planning easier. Did you make your plans for this summer? If  you think that you are late, do not worry, just keep reading…

Playmoo Amazing Sea House at Paliouri, Kassandra

I could definitely see myself in this Playmoo three storey house reading a book on the balcony! This view is astonishing! As this house can be home for 7 people, I started to make a list of my friends with who  I would like to spend a summer holiday. It is also only 150 meters away from a sandy beach. Anyone up for the first morning coffee on the beach? Loving those white blue colors, definitely Greek experience! But, let’s surf a bit more…

Negley Sea Side Villa, Elani is a perfect house for family escape at Kassandra
Andy’s Place, Possidi

My favorite discovery is located in Possidi on top of a hill. It is  Orwel House and it indeed looks like from a novel. Every corner of this house is decorated.  As I learned, there is a small sandy beach just 5 minutes walking and the one organized is less than 10 minutes away. The house is completely equipped, it has 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms as well as this amazing garden!


I need to mention that I have stayed in many hotels as well as villas, and the stereotypes that I heard about those Greek villas are not true at all. These villas can give you the full holiday experience, like the ones you will get in the most exclusive hotels for a lot more affordable  price. One of the most comfortable beds, I ever slept in, was exactly in one of the villas. Also staying in private villa, has one more positive side! If you are traveling with kids, you will have your own peace, corner, and your kids will have a place to play without you having to worry if they will bother other guest of hotel.  Talking about food – which is Greece famous for! Every house I checked on have completely equipped kitchen, they are indeed designed to be your home away from home. And in case you are not in the mood to cook, you can always visit some of the close by tavernas, or gyros places. There are plenty of them everywhere!

Aecho House, Siviri

Would I recommend this agency and their accommodation to my friends? 

YES, I would do it.  Doesn’t matter if we are talking about Orwel house, Barrome villa or Marynn house, I would definitely suggest it to everyone. As I mentioned before, every house is perfectly made to satisfy all your needs. Depending of your wish, if you want to be in the live tourist city or private paradise,  you can find place for everyone! And also, its important to mention that prices on Halkidiki Villas are affordable to everyone (beside its luxurious villas, there are the ones which you can rent from 130 euros per night) – take in consideration that you are renting the whole house which can host the whole family.

 So ladies, who is up to enjoy time taking a tan, and watching the kids playing in the garden?
 Summer.  Sun.  Sea.  Sand.

Hope that I helped you a bit in choosing your summer corner! I have made my list of favorite villas, now its your turn. What is your favorite house from  Let me know if you have been in one of those houses before! I would really like to hear your experience.

This post is made in collaboration with as well as all pictures used in this posts are courtesy of Halkidiki Villas. For more information about bookings and accommodation presented in this post please visit the website or contact the agency by email. Every opinion stated above is completely based on  my personal thoughts without any influence.

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