It is really simple! I was sitting in Thessaloniki, working from one cafe, when I realised that I truly miss to travel and explore. A friend of mine who was from Larissa suggested me that I can spend one weekend there. So, just like that, I booked a room at Divani Palace Hotel and next day I was on the train on my way. The train ride is about one hour and a half, no need to mention that those trains are huge, clean and really comfortable comparing to the ones existing in Serbia.

I am taking the fast train into the memories, enjoying welcome coffee on the main square. Are you ready to discover Larissa?

A bit far away from the city centre, but definitely worth of seeing is the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa G.I. Katsigras Museum.  Sunday morning was pretty quiet and I had the whole museum only for myself. Be aware that people working here do not speak English, although every picture has its description in English as well.  The collection G.I. Katsigras, a donation of the well-known surgeon and collector of the city of Larissa, is one of the most significant in the country and unique in the periphery.  It includes 781 paintings, carvings, and drafts of the important Greek artists for the period between 1850 and 1950. In 1981 the doctor Katsigras donated his remarkable collection to the municipality of Larissa.  Undoubtedly, I lost track of the time being there while discovering the gallery.

The old Archeological Museum housed in the Yeni Mosque, which was built in the dues of 19th; it was a donation of Queen Olga to the Muslims that were left in the city of Larissa.

The next stop and definitely MUST VISIT destination is Diachronic Museum of Larissa. I have been to many museums in Greece but this one is awesome. In the past Archeological museum of Larissa was housed in an Islamic mosque but from 2015 the new museum has opened its doors. Outstandiarchaeologicalcal and byzantine finds from the Larissa area, from the Middle Palaeolithic to the late Byzantine times, including exceptional discoveries from Neolithic period as well as the unique model of a house of the 5th millennium, will make your trip to the past unbelievable.

After history and art classes, its time to rest and enjoy the food at one of the traditional taverns. If you are a bit like I am, you will first search for a place with good internet connection, coffee, and the view. This is your lucky place! Many taverns in the centre have all those requirements beside delicious food and Instagram decoration. You just need to be relaxed, hungry and ready for taking pictures! 

BUT let’s not lose our day at food places, Greek LA is calling for us! Exploring streets of Larissa, I couldn’t avoid to see many famous historical memorials. Did you know that Larissa is the birth place of many heroes as well as famous scientists?

My favourite ancient monument is the Ancient Theatre. 

Walking nearby, I was trying to imagine actors in the ancient time. How did they spend a day here? Maybe they had a walk to Alkazar park, having a picnic close to the Pinios river.

When I was thinking that my visit to Larissa is over, I got a call from one of the most inspirational people I have ever met in my life. Alexandra the founder of the first biodynamic Greek farm invited me to spend a day at Trinity Farm. I didn’t have as much  time as I want so I could play with the animals, but I had enough time to learn many things about production of organic biodynamic products as well as to try one of Alexandra’s specialities. I got surprised by many things she learned to do in order to improve the farm, and it didn’t stop her! Everyday she is aiming to discover something new and she is willing to share it with others!

IMPORTANT! This time in Larissa, I will definitely remember by having the opportunity to meet Kotsiras. He is my favourite Greek singer so when I heard that he is singing at Mylos club, my eyes got sparkly. Lucky me, I got an invitation to be a guest at Mylos club that night and I couldn’t miss it! I didn’t expect that I will have so much fun like I did.  I cannot miss to say that the girls working in the club were so friendly and definitely they have influenced that I enjoyed the night life of Larissa so much.

It became late, unfortunately I had to leave Larisa, and I promise Greek LA, I  will be back! 

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  1. hi jelena great article about larissa. my sister has lived there for 30 years and I have often visited. it has improved as your photos of the new art art museum show. there is a vibrancy there that has managed to shake off the traditional conservatism. to a point. the austerity hasn’t helped though. larissa though is a fun place and needs all the exposure it can get. so good for you.

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