If you are searching for a place that it is ancient and modern, relaxed and full of life, Athens is the best choice! It is not a secret that I truly adore this spectacular city.  Everywhere you turn you can see a place that is very important for the history of the world, for humanity and for society. You can get inspired, you can think and really reset your thoughts and feel small after understanding that most of these things were built thousands year ago. This city is literally an open-air museum, with layer upon layer of culture and history. For example, have you been at Acropolis?

Somehow everytime when I am in Athens, something urges me to visit it again. It is never enough! That day the city was overheated so I decided to seek shelter from the heat at magnificent  Acropolis Museum. Honestly, I enjoyed two hours strolling through history and it made me be more excited to visit the site. On the way to the top, I made my first stop at the theater that was built by the wealthy Athenian Herodes Atticus and dedicated to his wife, Aspasia in 161 AD. At its creation, it was a three level amphitheater that held 5,000 Greeks. It was used as a venue to host popular music performances – something that is still done to this day.

Visiting the site you will be greeted by a grand entrance to the Akropolis, this is called that Propylaea.

One more time I had thoughts about people who visited this place before me. Did Alexander the Great pass under Propylaea?  It is the Classical temple of Athena Nike, that once housed a statue of the goddess Athena and the frieze illustrated scenes from mythology and Athenian battles.

I still remember my thoughts when I entered inside of the site for the first time. When I was a child Acropolis was just far away postcard destination. Every story I ever heard, every picture I saw previously passed through my head. I made it!

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The Acropolis of Athens is easily reachable by public transport – the station Acropolis. The entrance fee is 20€, while the reduced price is 10€. As a student with valid ID card, I was free of charge for a ticket. In case you are visiting Acropolis the best advice is to check this website and get information about tickets. Also, during some days such as 6 March, 18 April, 18 May, the last weekend of September and 28 October the admission is free. The archeological site is open from 8 am till 20 am.

The Parthenon, the most famous of all the ancient buildings were built and dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena in 447 BC. The Greeks believe this is is the most important surviving building as in Classical Greek history, it is considered the zenith of the Doric order. To this day the Parthenon symbolizes the incredible history of ancient Greece. 

Before your visit to Acropolis do some research

The Acropolis itself is amazing, but actually having an understanding of what you are looking at will make your visit even more incredible. I was lucky enough that I learned about it when I was younger in the school and that if it was not a case Parthenon, Erechtheion, and the Temple of Athena Nike would be unknown names to me.

Bring water

In the summer months, the heat is impossible! The famous ancient ruins in the baking sun can get very hot and dehydrating.  Unfortunately, at the site there is no store or place where you can buy refreshment, so to not make your visit hard and make your stay shorter, it is better to bring the water with you.

Wear comfortable shoes

I guess that this one is logical to everyone! Trust me the high heels cannot cooperate so much with this ancient ruins! If you wear the flat shoes you’ll be able to enjoy the history around you! I wore the traditional Greek sandals and have never been happier to forgo my favorite heels.

Visit the Acropolis Museum

In case you are not having so much time, I know you would think to escape the museum. Unfortunately, it is not included in the Acropolis ticket but is absolutely worth the additional expense.The museum will give you a deeper feel for what the Acropolis and Parthenon were like. As mentioned above,  during the midday the site is closed because of the heat so the museum is the best way to prepare yourself for visit to Acropolis!

Strong fortification walls have surrounded the summit of the Acropolis for more than 3,300 years. On this hill were born Democracy, Philosophy, Theatre, Freedom of Expression and Speech. Now I think you can understand why am I so in love with this site, that I even went back twice this year.

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks for a great visit to the Acropolis, or for any of Athens’ amazing sights in the comment section!


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