Despite the fact that now for 3 years I am traveling all over Greece, my first visit to Patmos was the interesting one.  I was struggling due to the exams should I even consider myself to go to this trip. However, I believe that everything happens for a reason and that every chance we get we need to make the most out of it.  I packed my books, few outfits and started all the way to Athens to meet my TBG friends. On this trip, I actually flew with Aegean and then took a Blue Star Ferry from Piraeus.  I know, the trip is long! But it is worth it! For example, we have arrived around 3 am in the hotel where we were welcomed by awesome & friendly Giorgos. As it was late in the night, our check-in was done in a few seconds and my next activity was diving into huge bed. I don’t remember many things about that night, but next morning I decided to stroll around the hotel and learn more about this place!

Described by itself as ” Romantic Hotel & Suites” this small resort is perfect oasis for couples. I could imagine my wedding or even honeymoon here!  Walking through the garden you can find a chapel on site for ceremonies, the heart-shaped swimming pool, one old ship, the well…  Guess who else I found?!  Now for more than 20 years, at Porto Scoutari, you will be welcomed by marvelous Ari! So, guys, I told you on Instagram that I am searching for a prince, but trust me, Ari is even better than that! 
At Porto Scoutari, I stayed with my friends, what made me think to name this post:

3 girls and Dave at Porto Scoutari

The “Porto” is less than a mile north of Skala, off the main road behind the football pitch, atop a slope overlooking Meloi bay (which is walking distance). However, with the help of Patmos Rent a Car, and Dave, who was our awesome driver, we have visited many crystal blue beaches nearby hotel.  

At the moments we needed to go back to the reality to work, so this pool was indeed our dream office. It looks like it was productive as you really liked my posts written from there!  All credits for the atmosphere, decoration of this hotel needs to go to Ms Scoutari. Even today she is working in her hotel and making sure that her guests are satisfied. After she welcomed us, she shared with us her story about her previous life in the United States and reasons to come to Patmos. This whole resort is made by her from the scratch! All her ideas, experience, passion is between these walls! Her positive energy and friendly approach made me feel like I am at home. I guess that it is the reason why Porto has so many returning clients. I felt so happy when I saw one Dutch lady running to hug the waiter from the restaurant who she met during the previous years. Ok, it’s time to review the rooms.  

This was room of Dave ( but I couldn’t resist to take picture of it

No, this was not my bed although my bed was huge as well and so comfortable! I shared my Junior Suite with Chrysoula and Elena. From the pictures below, you can see that we have more space than needed. I loved the decoration of the room – reinforced by maritime-theme décor: oil paintings and engravings of sailing ships, Venice or other ports; charts of sailors’ knots and big conch shells on communal ledges. The bathroom was small but clean and satisfying. The best part of the room was the hydro massage shower.

Our junior suite was located on the ground floor with the sea view. It has a small balcony but honestly, we didn’t use it so much! Sitting next to the pool is a lot better, wouldn’t you agree?  The hotel also has a gym and awesome lobby! Ah, also there is free Wi-Fi in the rooms, although we frequently had to go to the lobby (near the pool) to log on. Lobby, as I used to call a little museum, is decorated with antique furniture and maritime decor. It looks like a small vacation royal house!

Happy selfie with my friend Elena from Passion For Greece

Last night of our stay, our team of 3 girls and Dave, had a dinner at the hotel. It was the night of the full strawberry moon! At exactly same spot we had our breakfast every day which was the mix of Greek local products. If you are visiting this hotel,  do not miss to try the cheese pie!

Elena (, Chrysoula ( and I having fabulous time together

Would I stay again in this hotel? 

I believe that Ms Elena can be used as an example how to make an awesome romantic luxury place for a holiday! Without doubt, I would recommend everyone to stay at this place where you will feel like at home. I had fun and pleasant stay, enjoying every moment with my friends. Moreover, as I said above, I would take in consideration to return here as soon as my special person appears.

Important – Ms. Elena also offers complimentary transport from the hotel to the port by herself. Although deluxe doubles and suites fit three, it’s not really family-friendly hotel – as Ms Scoutari points out, lots of children running around negates the concept of a romantic couples’ retreat.

While you are ordering a new glass of ouzo – inspired by these white walls, watching the stars – laying next to the pool, you will think that this is the real meaning of the holiday! There is something powerful here! The energy that makes you refresh yourself in every possible way! Deep breath.
TBG members with Ms Elena Scoutari
I am not a doctor, but the full experience of Patmos and Porto Scoutari is necessary this summer! This is a trip for collecting power for the future adventures! Do not let summer to go away, for my taste, I let many of them without reason. This time, I will grab the summer and enjoy the summer’s sweetness.  That’s the way the cookie crumbles!




During my trip at Patmos, I was a guest of the Municipality of Patmos. However, even though this post is written in collaboration with Porto Scoutari Romantic Hotel and Suites all opinions written in this post are my own, based on my experience without any influence.

For more information about the hotel please visit their website


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