Two years ago Halkidiki became my second home, a place where I made many friendships. Sithonia, the middle of the three fingers,  is less known around the world than the Greek islands, but trust me it has all weapons to compete with them.  It’s calm and tranquility, combined with the crystal azure sea and pine forests are perfect summer location! The whole area is still untamed and wild.  So if you are searching for me, and you don’t see me online there is a huge possibility I am enjoying the second finger of Halkidiki. It was exactly the same what I did yesterday with Athos Sea Cruises!

Just one hour and a half from Thessaloniki, there is Ormos Panagias, a small traditional Greek village famous for its port and the hub of the daily cruises. It is a perfect escape in the summer days if you are located somewhere at Halkidiki or Thessaloniki. This time I chose to sail with Athos Sea Cruises and give a chance their Swimming and Fun Tour. In the past, I also went to their Mix Tour which is so far my favorite!

The meeting point was at 9 am at the port of Ormos Panagias. On the entrance, I got two cards and the tour could start! The boat “Profitis Ilias” is new fancy pirate looking boat where you can spend an awesome day. With the nice weather, you can also get some tan! I truly tried my best, while I was listening to the guide about the daily program. It was a bit early for me, so no pictures from that period, but imagine me being on board, drinking freddo espresso, listening music… Would you join me?  

The first stop was at Ammouliani Island, which is part of Drenia Islands. This island is getting its popularity in the last few years. I can say that these cruises are responsible for that. They made this little gem to get its place on the traveler’s maps. This day we got two hours to spend on the beach which is an idyllic combination of fine, golden sand, aquamarine sea, vegetation and giant rocks. Besides time for swimming, in the cruise is also included lunch at the beach bar. Those yellow cards above are your ticket for food! Honestly, I wanted to enjoy my time as much as possible on the beach so I skipped it.

Being back on the boat, we used a small taxi boat, and there we are! On the way to our next destination!

Upon arriving with Athos Sea Cruises, you dock at the port in the picturesque village of Ammouliani. It is beautifully arranged along the harbor with waterfront restaurants and cafes that are delightfully decorated as something you would expect to see in the Cyclades. Hotels and apartments are plentiful. A walk through Ammouliani village shows you that the locals are making their livelihood from tourism because it seems more organized than other popular destinations in Halkidiki.

I wanted to use those 30 minutes break at this part of the island in the best possible way so followed the suggestions I went to the main square. Indeed, I was not wrong, this village is so instagrammish! ( more pictures to be online on my instagram)

Strolling the streets, enjoying the traditional atmosphere and hospitality the time passed. And the last destination was on its way! To get there, we needed about one hour and during that time on the boat was live bouzouki. Vacationers started to prepare for one of the most famous Halkidiki beaches, the Lagonisi beach, getting into their swimsuit. The sun was burning but it didn’t make anyone to less enjoy their time and not to dance with the Greek music.

The boat cuts through the amazingly calm turquoise water like a knife through butter! In a few minutes, we find ourselves at our destination! ” One two three! ” I could hear the voices from the back side of the boat.

Are you ready to dive into the inviting lagoon? This is paradise!

Unfortunately, the time flies away! It was a bit before 17h and the time for the cruise to be over. Tired but with the smile on their faces vacationers were going away from the boat being greeted by the crew.

Would I recommend this cruise to my friend? Is it family friendly?

Definitely yes. I would recommend this cruise to everyone who would like to have fun, to see remarkable places enjoy the sandy beach and crystal clear blue sea! This cruise is suitable for the kids as well as for adults. And during my cruise it was burning by famous “Lucifer” heat, even that didn’t make the time impossible and at the end of the day I was not burnt. SO there is no reason to be worried, just bring the hat, sunglasses, swimsuit, and photo camera! All other things are already on board! 

And guys, do not forget to tell me your experience 🙂

Have you been on the cruise with Athos Sea Cruises? What is your favorite cruise?


I would like to state that this post is not paid advertisement and that I wanted to write about Athos Sea Cruises as I personally like their attitude towards the job they do. For more information about their cruises, the schedule and prices, you can check their website or Facebook page.


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