Hi! Welcome to my blog!

I am Jelena,  a Serbian girl, who decided to leave all her life behind and  move to Greece in 2013. not knowing anything except to say “Kalimera”. After few years being here my life got changed completely.  Now I can say I am lucky enough to being able to call Thessaloniki home.

This is who I am , a blog about me, my studies, travel and life in order to promote Greece and its culture to the world.


I think if there are any verbs in the English language that describe me the best, it must just have to be these ones. I am a twenty-something wanderer, explorer, Greek lover traveling around Greece in search for  new stories and adventures.

I have been lucky enough to turn my huge passion into a job that I love thanks to my current studies in Marketing at City College, The International Faculty of University of Sheffield.

So now after two years my blog is undergoing a complete makeover. Serbian Girl in Greece used to be my nickname among my Greek friends, and acronym of my full name… The more I blogged, the more I discovered the new stories about Greece but also about myself. I am grateful to have you all, and that you guys are still here sharing with me my adventures. Therefore, I promise you that from now on, you will like it even more and that I won’t disappoint you!


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Are you ready for a trip on the pursuit of happiness? 

Welcome aboard, sailors!