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Hello! I am  Jelena

Serbian Girl in Greece used to be my nickname among my Greek friends, and acronym of my full name.

You’ve found me, and I’m so glad you’re here; it’s meant to be! Back in 2013, I  decided to leave all my life behind and move to Greece not knowing anything except to say “Kalimera”. After few years being here my life got changed completely.  Now I can say I am lucky enough to be able to call Thessaloniki home. I know I’m that cliche “ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey” if one is allowed to say her own life is extraordinary at 24. Basically, I travel a lot. Usually alone too, that way I don’t have to compromise.

My Travel Bucket Greeklist 

This story started a long time ago. Since I was a child I always wanted to explore new destinations and to seek for the adventure. My imagination was limitless, and my dreams were big. There is no better gift in life than the gift of exploration, the hunger for adventure and understanding of the world. I should thank my parents for letting me become who  I am today and not killing that spirit. Also to my ex-boyfriend who was my motivation to seek for more and better.  Through time I have made my own world, I have set my boundaries and realized that I want to shamelessly enjoy the life. Here I am today. When I am not traveling, I’m working on my ideas. I’m trying things I’ve never tried before and going to places I have never been before.  But most of all I am trying to learn every day something new and to meet a new person.  Except for my addiction for new destinations, I am also a big fashion lover, foodie, and a lingerie addict.

Here’s to you, me and the sea

I have been lucky enough to turn my huge passion into a job that I love thanks to my current studies in Marketing at City College, The International Faculty of the University of Sheffield.  So far I have worked with many hotel chains, airlines and tourist boards, as wells as fashion designers and other lifestyle brands around the world.

Orange Flavour at Petra kai Fos, Peloponnese 

This is who I am, a blog about me, my studies, travel, and life in order to promote Greece and its culture to the world.

Serbian Girl In Greece is a member of Travel Bloggers Greece

The more I blogged, the more I discovered the new stories about Greece but also about myself. For that reason do not be surprised if sometimes I share with you more personal stories. I am grateful to have you all, and that you guys are still here sharing with me my adventures. I write like we are some old friends.

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The ideas and posts featured on the blog are 100% Jelena’s personal thoughts and opinions.  However, the logo was made in collaboration with Isidora Mandic . And for the website to look lovely, exactly like Jelena wanted, is responsible Milan Roncevic with his advice and support.