If you are seeking for a city where you can enjoy the art, the history, the mix of the cultures but also the mix of the ages, you can continue to read this article. No, I am not planning to offer you the city guide.  This post should discover you the new isle, hidden in the center of Thessaloniki,  one delicious Greek experience.

That place is hidden, not discovered yet by many. I was strolling for instagrammable places, I saw it and mapped it. After a while, I decided to visit it.  You would agree with me, that there is not huge number of places where the interior match with the dishes.  Most often there is a missing part. That’s why I decided to review this new charm, to ask as many questions as I can ask, to be that kind of spoiled guests, and to not leave while I don’t have the best Instagram photo.
While Elvis Presley’s song was going in the background, the patient waiter Christos was offering me the best dishes from the menu. Being occupied with the first impression of the place, and the sunlight I asked him to choose the best dishes.
This was his choice for me.

The crisps of dry Cretan bread were  filled with the cream of feta cheese. That flow of salty tastes was spiced up with fresh tomatoes, avocado, salad, fresh onion and  herbs. All together was food explosion but in reality was just Dakos salad.
The next plate came. It made me to feel like in those cooking chef shows. For a moment I didn’t want to taste, I wanted to enjoy the smell of cheese and to try to determine what was inside. The colorful dish – geremezi. This dish is a synonym for mouthwatering food.  While the warm cheese is melting in your mouth. the homemade marmalade is giving the final touch. One more food for die for!

And the final dish for the day is here. The risotto with the shrimps. Perfectly combination of spices, rosemary, the shrimps and the magic of Greek cuisine.
Let’s cheer to this place! No, it is not alcohol, it is lemonade with the flavor of kiwi and strawberry.  Need to say that I preferred the kiwi one, as I am the one who doesn’t like so much sweetness.
Nikos Nyfoudis is the main person, the one who is the responsible for AnfanGate. He opened it back in October 2017. I was not able to meet him in person but I decided to google more about him, his ideas and to ask him some questions. Nikos is the guy who is food traveler, business owner of many places, wine expert,  father and many more. He is also a journalist. Comparing to me, he would be the  Greek boy in London. 
I asked him to explain me the meaning of AnfanGate, as I found the name really unusual. That’s how I discovered that it is a french word which means “the spoiled child”.  As Nikos said, AnfanGate is one of us, and they wanted to treat all their customers as being spoiled.  They appreciate every and each customer and they give the best everyday.

 The menu is Greek, but again international. Which explained Nikos’ words  “we created a restaurant but with a more “like a tavern” Greek menu”.  The food became the reason why people who would never visit the museum or “instagrammable” place before, would actually  decided to try Anfangate.
Local Cuisine, Global taste this is my moto.  – Nikos Nyfoudis
Yes, I mentioned the museum above. The restaurant is the part of the Telloglou Modern Art Museum.  So again, it led me to the next question, why restaurant there? Also, the waiter told me that at this place in the past was restaurant by one Greek famous awarded chef. I wanted to ask one more question. Does it influence them?
“We fell in love wit the museum. The story behind it. Telloglou family the founders of the museum were great personalities. The fact that many years ago in the same location a famous chef was cooking did not affect us in our decision, at all. I was afraid that it would need a lot of effort to prove that AnfanGate is not expensive though! We created a humble restaurant, we cook with simple but divine local ingredients and we want everyone to be available to spend a day in the museum not only those that spend a lot of money for food. “
Talking with foodie wine expert and not asking for recommendation would be fail. That’s why I  wanted to know what would he order if he is taking his wife for a special dinner. Take a note, Nikos’ advice could save up your date  at some point.
The perfect dinner would be the following: a glass of Greek sparkling wine Zazazous from domaine Lyrarakis with a strawberry in it, then a glass of rose Amuse with the talagani cheese and a Cretan dakos salad. For the main dish I would choose the chicken and the Lamb Shank with a glass of fine Mavroudi, as dessert a glass of mavrodaphne of Patras with karidopita and ice cream (almond pie).”
Just when I was ready to leave the place, I saw in the corner the children playground. Such an amazing surprise! I don’t have kids, but  I know how my friends with children struggle when they want to go to dine out in order to make their little ones happy and entertained.  Now they can relax, as this place is family friendly with even special kids menu.

 Anfangate is restaurant for everyone.
Come as you are! Bring only good, your spirit and great appetite!

This restaurant went far away than my expectations. The prices are pretty affordable and the quality and service you receive is above the price level.  For example the lunch for two person (  although it depends how much would you eat and I imagine you eat like an average person ), included drinks could be around 40 euros.  As the location of AnfanGate is in the main center of Thessaloniki, it is pretty reachable on foot, whenever you are based.
Moreover, this place match the taste and the style. Every plate is well decorated and served with the positive energy. Being there, I felt comfortable, just like at home. The open garden will start soon, so it is an opportunity to try the cocktails, enjoy the thematic music nights and many more! I am not going to miss it and looking forward to be back!
Would I recommend it to my friends?
– Yes.
For more information check the official Facebook page of the restaurant:
Agiou Dimitrou 159 A

At the end, I had to ask Nikos, when he is in Thessaloniki, does he eat at AnfanGate?
” I usually eat in TzakiHo which is another venture of ours. Amazing steak and a wine list to die for. Mourga is an interesting food wise taverna and Palia Athina, a small taverna with amazing wines and meat dishes. If you want to eat seafood, Glikanissos and Seven Seas are 2 options that never go wrong. “
Unfortunately, I haven’t been at any of those places yet.  Who knows, maybe our next restaurant visit will be just one of his recommendations! Would you join me?
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