When you go to Greece, you’re going to want a boat.

There’s just too much of the Greece to explore that you can’t get on wheels. My favorite day of every trip is always the boat day. We all pile onto a ferry, a catamaran, a dingy, a rib, or even a rowboat. I don’t care what sort of vessel we commandeer, just that we’ll be out riding the waves all day.

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Yesterday my day started at 5 am. Even though it was dark, I didn’t care so much, and I was pretty excited. This time I had planned to spend a day as Grekaddict team member. Other people from Grekaddict are photographers, instagrammers, and bloggers. Amazing group of people who share the same passion, ideas, creativity and more importantly the love for Greece! We were chatting, answering emails and enjoying the summer breeze!

The way from Ormos Panagias to Ouranopolis was the idyllic Greek morning!

In about 3 hours we reached Ouranopolis. The time flies so fast when you are having fun! Also this time I could see better than ever before the four monasteries of Mt Athos.

Ah, there we are. Ouranoupoli is an ancient city and a modern village in Halkidiki. It was founded by Cassander and his brother Alexarchus in the late 4th century BC. If you are coming by boat, you would be welcomed by an Old Tower. It is known to have existed already in 1344 but appears to have been older than this.

And all boat days need a good lunch.

I decided to give a chance to the one restaurant that took my attention with amazing decoration!  A favorite of locals, but well worth a trip if you are staying a little further.

This restaurant exists half of the century. In 1960, Josef Lemoniadis opened it with the aim to host all the visitors of Mount Athos. Since then he followed one rule, to always use fresh fish of the fisherman in the village and pure vegetable which is from the local area.

The food was perfectly cooked, gently spicy with a beautiful explosion of various sauces! Pasta with fish, “Bosphoros” salad, potatoes with mushrooms, octopus balls, octopus in wine, mussels are justs some of the dishes that I enjoyed that day. Heart-stoppingly good!  I adore seafood so personally, I would recommend you to visit this restaurant.

I would like to thank Giannis Gougoulas for amazing photos! In order to say him thank you let’s follow his profile at @giannis_gougoul

The days are growing shorter.

The nights a little longer.

And both are altogether a little colder.

Soon enough you’ll find yourself wanting to cozy up with someone, sit hand in hand, a glass of wine in the other. You just need to find that person, I know just the place.





DISCLAIMER* Serbian Girl in Greece is no longer the member of Grekaddict neither cooperates with the same Travel Company. The opinion listed in this article is based on the day Jelena spent together with Grekaddict team.

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