May is undoubtedly my favourite month. It is the time when my Birthday is coming and the summer is loading. Sooner or later, many of you would sail into the Greek adventure. It doesn’t matter how many times have you visited this country before, there is always something that you didn’t know about Greeks, their culture, and tradition.

"every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home."

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A few days ago I wanted to book a ticket for my Birthday, however, the day of the trip was exactly on May 13th – Friday. Don’t take me for wrong, it is not that I am superstitious but if we can escape it, it’s better to do it! I called a friend of mine in order to change the date of our trip but I got a different answer than the one I expected. Does the Greek lifestyle have the influence on it or no? In order not to ruin one more chance for an amazing vacation with worries about the bad luck on Friday, Greeks decided to make it in the middle of the week.

To Greeks, the bad luck day is Tuesday the 13th.

⚫ sunset ⚫ The proof that no matter what happens, everyday can finish beautifully.

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Before my Birthday, my sister decided to spend few days with me during the holidays.  As we had many stories to share, we really didn’t stop to talk, and it happened that we said the same word at the same time. In Serbia, people would just say “chips” on this. However, Greeks believe that this is an omen and it will lead those two people into a fight.  Therefore, in order to avoid an argument, they say “touch the red” (piase kokkino), which leads that they have to touch something red immediately.


When we are talking about guests, do you know that feeling when you have unwanted guests in your house? Well, Greeks have help for it as well! SALT all you have to do is sprinkle salt behind your unwanted guests. The powers of the salt will chase them out. One more Greek advice – garlic –  if you are feeling sick, or you have any problem you want to get rid of, take a garlic! A garlic a day keeps all bad away.

Definitely, my favourite Greek superstition is:

If you fall asleep under a cypress tree it will steal your brain. 

I couldn’t find the more detailed explanation about this belief. In case you know something more about it, please share it in the comments! 🙂

''…..όλα μένουν ίδια αμα δεν τα πας.'' Thessaloniki, ? and one good book ?

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The last Greek advice is not to overturn your shoes when you take them off. Overturned shoes are considered very bad luck. If you accidentally take them off and they land soles up, turn them over immediately and spit two times – it won’t hurt.

Never forget where you came from and never take your eyes off where you're heading ♡

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So guys, hope to see you all soon in Greece! Just don’t forget that spitting on someone is a very real occurrence in Greece. Widely cited reasons to spit include warding off evil (following a mention of death or misfortune), commenting on beauty or health, or when a child is baptized. So if someone spits on you do not be surprised! Ftou ftou ftou!

P.S. Do you believe in garlic?





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