“Everybody loves us.” “I know, especially you.” I giggled and took the wine glass out of his hand and took a large gulp. The same like in the past, he is still drinking that famous Greek Boutari wine. It became my favorite too.

“Opa. Go, easy baby, easy.”  He slid his hand underneath the back of my coat.   “How are you? How was your day?”, he asked. And that was the moment when I laughed and went away. “Calm down, girl!” I screamed at myself trying to not show him the affection I had for him.  A few minutes after I received this message.

In the past, I wouldn’t think twice and probably I would stay. I don’t know if all guys are like him or I can just give it to the Greeks. This time I wouldn’t allow myself to be his friend again only at 4 am. We all know how those stories finish. No happy end.  He disappeared and then appeared in a couple of months with the same message “Hey are u alive??” at the back corner of the club, a room that can only be accessed by a separate entrance, guarded by two guys and a young lady with a list. The same story will be repeated. 

When travelers are at home, they want to feel like that. That’s the reason why I like to go out at the same place all over again.  And within a minute there was a question from him:  “Who wants another drink?”.  I wanted to leave.  And, in fact, he is leaving, moving toward the elevator, kissing people along the way. “I will give you a ride. Aren’t we friends?”

On the street, a taxi driver is holding open the door of the car. “Jelena,  I will call you!” he shouted.  I know that he will when he needs me, when he finds out that I am featured in the magazine or when he doesn’t have anything else to do.

That night I started to think is it possible to have a relationship, the healthy one, if you see yourself traveling all the time in the future. Is it a problem with Greek guys or it is just problem with us travelers? Do we always fell for busy guys thinking that they are the best fit for our trips? And then it happens and they are too busy. They have time for everything except for us.  I know that I don’t want to lose time on people who don’t know how to be friends during the day.  I immersed myself in new taste, new people and new experience. I met people who are there for me during the day. A friend of mine told me that most of the guys will never understand the rhythm of life we live. 

“One bag and every week a new bed.”  

The guys will always think that you just want to have a fun. Right now I am sitting at Starbucks, drinking a lovely flat white and organizing a new trip. I am having fun as I am doing something that I love. Who knows what new will come along this trip? Are you a traveler and do you believe in a relationship? 




Thinking Monday’s are short columns about life in general, everyday’s situations, events or anything that happens to be in my life or around me. I said that this is a blog about me and my way of living in Greece so let me show you how it looks like from the perspective of a twenty-something-year-old girl. It doesn’t mean that  I am always the main actor. Be free to write me back.

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