Probably I had visited Hanioti more than a hundred times but I never stayed there more than a day. As it is one hour and half from Thessaloniki, it is one of the favorite summer destinations to many! Well, there are not so many other places with a pedestrian zone to walk, amazing crystal azure blue sea,  white sand, and cafeterias, night clubs and stores to stroll around.  Plus like a strawberry on the cake, this small village is located in the middle of peninsula so its pretty easy to explore Kassandra.

Till now, I was thinking that there you cannot find any luxury place, where you can enjoy to the fullness the summer days and make all your worries away.  I was wrong. It exist, just it was hidden between the houses and apartments of Hanioti, and only those who seek for luxury and peaceful holiday would know for this one.

The first impression was – WOW! There is a private parking here.  Everyone who visited Hanioti in the summer would know that it can be headache.  That problem is solved. The next thing that took my attention is that hotel is located in the center and it has its own beach.  Did it happen to you that you go to the beach and you cannot find sunbed? It did to me. The second problem is solved.


After we arrived to the hotel,  Ms Sandy was waiting for us on the entrance with a huge smile. They took our bags and in couple of minutes we were on the way to the room.  Ms Sandy told us about our premium plus program, which is also known as all inclusive program, and it means that during all day everything is arranged to greet needs of the guest.  She told us that in few hours there is also Music Quiz at the tavern! The fastest check in happen and I didn’t even realized as my eyes were all over the inside decoration.

The best part. Entering the room where we stayed. The junior suit on the fifth floor.

My eyes got frozen for a moment.

The straight from the main door, there is this goal bathroom! I wish to have it at my home. 

The staff of the hotel was thinking about everything.  There was dental kit, the razor kit, vanity sat, and cosmetics of Agreco farm. It is well know Greek company from Crete, an island where Grecotel also has their hotels, and all their cosmetic is organic made from local products. It smells fascinating!

On the side we had a bar ( included in premium plus program), and welcome bites!

I didn’t want to miss that moment, so I took a glass of wine, a bit of grape and went to dive into the bath and relax.

I believe that whichever room of the hotel you choose, you will have everything you need and more.  If I was not outside next to the pool at night, I was inside this comfy bad, watching satellite program. That bar downstairs, is open till 1 am, so I couldn’t resist not to order a drink and brought it to the room to enjoy. What would you choose? Sitting in the bar or being in the room?

I couldn’t make myself to leave this room so easy.

this photo is courtesy of Grecotel Hotels & Resorts

As you know I do not have a kids, but something I would love to mention for everyone who does is about the Grecoland Kids Club! As a baby I traveled with my parents everywhere and I guess that holiday without kids is not the real one. Unfortunately, many people have other opinions. Now I am pretty sure that they need to know about Grecotel Kids Clubs .At these hotels everything is made for kids, all equipment can be found there without extra cost, and more important kids (3-12) have special many and can eat as much as they want till 5pm.  Of course, the hotel has organized supervisors and they are making everyone to have fun! Teenagers have a list of activities such as beach volleyball, darts tournaments or other entertainment programmes, while the little ones have special games organized depending on the weather and mood of the kids.

Grecoland ♥

this photo is courtesy of Grecotel Hotels & Resorts

I have put this hotel on the list of hotels, I would wish to visit one day with my family. Undoubtedly, this is a heaven for kids but also for parents.  Imagine sitting on the terrace, having option to drink whatever you want, whenever you want, and to not think about anything else except would you go to eat or to swim or to maybe play table tennis with your kids on nearby court.  Talking about the food, the lunch is served in tavern. It is buffet service, although the polite waiters would be on your disposal to bring you a drink or anything you need.  I didn’t need anything else. The Greek music in the background, the cocktail, and the traditional Greek food.

It is safe summer choice to remember!

The breakfast is served in the main building. I adore that it served till 12 in the morning with delicious Greek and international specialties. On the same spot, there is a dinner. The dinner starts at 6 pm and it is till 9.30 pm.  There were days that we went there two times, the first time to eat, and later on, just to sit in the garden and to enjoy the Greek wine and some of the sweets.

As mention premium plus program includes all meals all the time – breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks, cocktails, drinks, coffes, ice creams and many more.

( Inside tip: If you are staying at this hotel, do not miss to try a bit different version of Russian salad! One little girl and I were constantly around this plate. The most delicious one I ever tried.)

When we entered to the restaurant it was hard to make one plate to dine.   All plates were decorated in style and colors.  That is when we heard that chef is also the teacher of one of cooking schools in Thessaloniki.  It is nothing weird as this hotel always choose the best people to be part of their team.

The chef told me that all those plates are his children and he is taking care of each dish the same. I could see that he is proud of the final result.  On our second night, my partner and I decided to eat fish. The waiter came the same moment he spot our plates and offered us drink that would go with our plate the best. We didn’t wait at all! The service was again fascinating and the staff very polite!

The last day it started to rain. Indeed we went there at the end of October, the summer is almost done. The receptionist saw us staring through window and offered us some of the excursions they had at the moment. We didn’t have enough time to choose when David who is responsible for entertainment asked us to join the guests to play cards and chat in the lobby! “Positive thoughts bring positive weather”, someone screamed.

This hotel made me to wish to return back. It made me to feel like I am at home, to have a smile during all days we stayed there and to make all my problems to go away. The last day we played inside a bit and then we went next to the pool to read a book, and talk about next summer and our destination! After this experience, we would definitely go for Grecotel Hotels!

Would you join us?


During my stay at Grecotel Pella Beach Hotel, I  was a guest of a hotel, which means that I had a complimentary stay. However, all opinions written in this article are based on my own experience and experiences of other guests that I have interaction with.

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