It’s no secret that Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities! The city where I cannot say no to exploring and chasing new adventures. Which is why I would always encourage any of you to spend more than just a day there. But if you’ve only got time for 24 hours in Amsterdam,  it is better to make a good plan in order to not waste time and experience the most of the city. I decided to share with you some of my favorites must-visit destinations which you can conquer in just one day.

If you are planning to crawl over museums and use public transportation I definitely recommend you to get I am Amsterdam city card. It can save you up some money in case you are responsible and eager to follow the plan you previously have made. Do not buy I Amsterdam City card if you already know that you will find an excuse to skip some of the museums.

24 hours in AMSTERDAM

Living in Greece I had to take some Greek habits as always having “take away” coffee in the morning. However, it happened that this is so useful for trips as you can stroll the city and enjoy coffee at the same time. If you’re visiting on a Saturday, spend some time tasting local delicacies in the food market. If you’re visiting on a Sunday, then enjoy your time browsing the traditional antique market.

Donkey Donuts officially has the biggest coffee cup and the best varieties ( plus donuts) so it was my choice. I truly recommend you.  Previously I have checked all destinations which I wanted to visit and map them with Amsterdam offline app so it can help me to orientate better. That’s why the first destination was close to the hotel – the Rembrandt Museum.

9 am Rembrandt House Museum

Appreciate the traditional Dutch townhouses that line the canal as you head towards Museum Het Rembrandthuis (the Rembrandt House Museum). The famous Dutch artist actually lived and painted in this house, so it’s a must for art lovers!  Adult tickets cost €13, and you can pay at the door or book them online or if you have I am Amsterdam City card it is included in the program.

After the museum, my plan was to take the walk towards the Dam Square ( National Monument) where is also the tram stationOn the way to the Dam Square, I wanted to check the famous Instagram photo places, and carefully absorb the architecture of this city.  Before the trip, I carefully saved all IG photos from other people and places I would like to take my photos – be free to follow me and saved my posts if you like them as well 😉


From Dam Square, I took the tram number 2 to the Museumplein but number 5 can also take you there. 

11 am Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is my personal favorite. The art museum houses over 8,000 objects that detail 800 years of Dutch history in one of the most stunning buildings in the city. Honestly, you could spend your whole 24 hours in Amsterdam in here. But if you can’t, just taking a two hour to walk through the masterpieces will leave you in awe of the talents that the Netherlands has nurtured throughout its history. Again, the line for the Rijksmuseum can also get pretty long so it’s best to buy your tickets in advance or if you have I am Amsterdam city card – the entrance is included.

You can check my blog post about Rijksmuseum here. 

When you are visiting the most famous Dutch Museum, you can also take the photo in front of the well-known sign. At this museum square, there is also Van Gogh Museum & Museum of Contemporary Art, as previously said I made my priorities and also didn’t reserve those tickets online in advance as it is necessary so it is left for another time.

1 pm PC Hooftstraat

Just around the corner of Museumplein, there is one of the most famous streets to every fashion lover. Truly recommend you to spend few minutes there and enjoy in a luxury world for a moment on the way to the amazing park.

2 pm Vondelpark

Existing now for almost 150 years, Vondelpark is the largest park in Amsterdam and the most famous park in the Netherlands. It welcomes 10 million visitors each year and is constantly filled with locals and tourists alike exercising, enjoying the sun or dog-walking. As well as hosting open-air concerts, people also have the chance to visit the three-meter statue of Dutch poet Vondel, the rose garden, and the music dome.

4 pm Sushi Samba

It came time for food. I don’t know the reason but Amsterdam is overcrowded with Chinese places. In the past, I tried some walk and go restaurants which I truly recommend if you are low on budget or you are rush with time but if you would like to enjoy something special and to have something to memorize Sushi Samba is the right choice! I heard about this place in hotel magazine as well as I saw it on other Instagrammers profiles. The atmosphere at this place will make your day!

The brunch menu which includes 3 courses is around 30 euros per person.

6 pm Begijnhof

Dating back to the 14th century, this tranquil and enclosed courtyard was originally intended for the Begijntjes, a nun-like Catholic sisterhood. There are beautiful houses surrounding the courtyard and gardens where you will also find The English Church with its original medieval tower, The Begijnhof Chapel and TheCivic Guards Gallery where there is a selection of 17th-century paintings of important men and women from Amsterdam. The wooden house, HoutenHuys, is the oldest surviving house in the city and dates back to 1420.

I am a huge fan of the Reign TV Show, so couldn’t resist asking if Marry, Queen of Scots visited this place…

Pluk Amsterdam

One more time I had to go to the fashion store. Following the recommendations, I visited Pluk Amsterdam and picked up coffee to go but also got some cute souvenirs. On the way to the store, you will pass through small streets which will fulfill your Amsterdam spirit and make you use your camera! Do not say I didn’t warn you.

I know a lot of walking. It’s time to chill out a bit.

8 pm Canal Boat Tour

If you like romantic nights you would appreciate the canal cruise. One more time 90 minutes cruise is included in Amsterdam City Card – worth it! During the cruise, you will be able to see the city from a different perspective. In case it is the closed boat, do not be shy to ask to go outside to take photos – you will thank me later.

You’ll arrive back from the cruise just before 10.00pm which leaves you enough time to explore the Red Light District. Of course, you could make your own way around the maze of coffee shops and sex shows if you like.  If you’re up for a much bigger party, then head to Leidseplein Square. This is where many of the big pub crawl companies lead their nights out, as the bars and cafes come alive here after dark!

Have you been in Amsterdam? How did you spend your day?

Are you a museum freak? Which one do you prefer the most? 


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