After I answered you on thousands of emails how to study in Greece, I have decided to write you a Guide how to study in Greece and like that to answer all your questions. 

From the beginning, I will be honest. In Greece, there is no gold on the trees, we have oranges. Although, even oranges are not so bad. I really love them as well as Greece! So, before you start to taste those fruitful yields, you will need to be patient. Greek bureaucracy is not so famous but if we are talking about paperwork for admission to the university, everything is pretty clear, efficient and fast. So better prepare yourself a coffee, and let’s start!

On which language I will have a lesson…

The first task is to decide whether you would study in Greek or English. If you choose English as a language, you will be able to choose between private institutions. Private universities are mostly the separate departments (campuses) of the well-known Universities from the United Kingdom or America. I am studying at the same kind of University. Before you continue to search for required papers, it is important for you to know if that university is well accredited or no. If we are talking about public university, the lessons are in the Greek language.  For those schools, it is the requirement to have a B2 level of proficiency, but in case you don’t have that diploma yet, you will get one year free to learn the language and after that to give a B2 exam. Learning the Greek language is not impossible. Many people have done it before you, and if they could do it, you can do it as well! You just need to keep motivation and to not feel uncomfortable in the beginning when undoubtedly you will make mistakes.

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Can I receive a scholarship

You have to know that in Greece there is no one common fund for scholarships for private universities such it exists in UK or America. In most cases, you would have to contact the student service from the certain college and to send them the required papers with the financial aid request. It is not impossible to get a scholarship, or at least 60 percent of it, but don’t forget that early bird catches the worm ( be fast). Many students are studying at American or British University in Greece,  because the tuition is not comparable smaller than the one in the main campus of that university which is in another country.  On the other hand, if we are talking about scholarships, at public universities there is completely opposite situation. Greek Universities are completely free either you are Greek or foreigner, with the help of Greek government who is giving full scholarships. This stipend covers school, books, food, and monthly amount about 400 euros for other expenses as well as a paid school for language. Besides that, if you are studying at public university you will be able to use a different kind of benefits such as the ones for cinema, phone or the internet but also to have free health security. For other students, at private institutions, the health security is about 140 euros for the year.

To learn more information about the scholarship of the Greek government you can visit

What do I need from documents to apply for university

As I already mentioned, for the private school, it is the best to contact the student service, as requirements are different for every school. In most cases, you will need TOEFL or IELTS exam, motivation letter, translated transcripts, and diploma. For public universities, in order to get the most valid information, it is the best to contact the Greek embassy in your country. From my experience, I know that you will need: the birth certificate, citizenship,  official statement that you don’t have Greek origin, and that with the school where you are previously graduated you can enrol the university in your country, also the paper that you were going regularly to the high school, and translated diploma and transcripts. I had to translate Serbian transcripts and diploma to Greek system which is from 1- 20 and I did it in Thessaloniki for free. After that, again in Thessaloniki, I have to apply to receive the average grade based on the translated transcripts in the Greek system. Even though it sounds like too much paperwork, you just need to be patient, to have one more coffee and a bit of time.

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Can I work if I am student

This is really HOT Sexy question which is connected with working permit. Students from the public university can work 20 hours per week, while students from private university don’t have this opportunity. In case if you are a student at private institutions, you will need to apply separately for working permit, but if you are interested n it, we will talk more about it some other time.

How much money I need on monthly base

As I live in Thessaloniki, I cannot tell you about Athens. Here, I don’t know any student who is staying in a student dorm, most of the students live with the roommates in a rented apartment or alone. The price of houses is between 240-350 euros. Again, it depends on the area to area where you choose to live, but also from the mood of the owner of the house you rent. Also, the bills can depend on various things, the average amount you will need for them is between 100-150 euros per month. For the food, the minimum amount you need is 200 euros.

Do I need visa

In order to apply for a residence permit, you will need to enter Greece with a student visa. More about this process you can find on the website of Greek Embassy.   With this student visa, you will be able to stay in Greece 90 days, but my advice is not to wait for that period to pass and to apply immediately for a residence permit.  To apply for this permit you will need to obtain the accreditation from your faculty and also the paper which will state your status there, as well as health insurance paper, AFM, and the statement that you have 400 euros on a personal bank account in the Greek bank. The fee for this permit is 150 euros. After submission of these papers, you will receive the blue certificate which you can use till your permit is not done. The whole process of getting residence permit lasts about 3 weeks, after which you will be informed by SMS that you can go to take it.

At the end

If you have any questions, you need certain addresses, more information about required documents, or you need help with writing a motivation letter, let me know in the comments. There is no better feeling than the moment when I receive the message that someone is accepted at university and that we will meet soon on Greek streets. I know how it was important to me, when I came to Greece, how much I found myself, and that this whole experience has overcome my expectations and gave me the enormous energy and motivation to move on and to believe that nothing is impossible for people who are crazy enough to dream dreams that other people laugh at, stubborn enough to go forward even though everything looks like blind road, and to move up and find their own way when they find themselves on the field without signs.

Before you start this adventure, think carefully if this is what you really want, if you are ready to sacrifice many things that you have now at home. Are you ready to pay fees which will appear out of nowhere, huge stress, farewells with memories, friends? In one moment, you would like that you can go back home and wait for that last bus on the snow because it is easier than the fair that you are alone and that you need to write a completely new chapter of the book and your character in it. But don’t forget, that new book can change your life and your dreams can become real!

I hope that you will find this information useful. See you in Greece! 

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