*post is updated on July 2017

Have you ever imagine to be lost in a fairytale? I did. And yes, I always wanted to be Alice in Wonderland. Completely spontaneous, walking around Athens, I made my dream real at least for a day.

Wonderland exists! It is the place where books become alive, and food taste amazing!

I honestly couldn’t take my eyes from this building! Apparently, the dragon on the roof made me so curious that I couldn’t resist and not enter inside.

On the main entrance, you will be welcomed by the book stairs. I thought that it would be amazing that stairs have the power to take us to the imaginary world!  Well, the Little Kook kind of did it. Every room had a different theme and no detail was left unthought of. It made me to expect the prices to be exaggerated but they were very reasonable- definitely less than what you would spend at Starbucks!

In this cafeteria, I really felt as a little child. It was indeed a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious experience. The place where Christmas can be celebrated during the whole year. The two-floor building, located in Karaiskaki street in the centre of Athens, with old tables, candles, decoration, Christmas tree, mysteries… If someone asked me what time of the year it is and which day it is, I would have to think for a second…

At the moment  I believed I am in the movie. As I just entered the place, being so excited about my discovery I was hunting all details with my eyes. The first room was with knights with fireplace, armour and antique furniture, while the second floor is for sweets followed by candies, candles, colourful lights, and motives from stories of Brother Grimm. Depending on where are you standing, you will travel from the dark, mysterious to magical and intimate, for example, one of the rooms is about Cinderella. With cups and teapots from Alice in Wonderland to be the girls with proper clothes came to welcome me being surprisingly polite and friendly.

This post is written in July 2016, however, one year later I decided to visit this place one more time. Everything was different. The whole cafeteria changed and it became bigger. Today Little Kook has its own corner. Unfortunately, this time, they told me that it is not allowed to photograph inside so I cannot update you with the new decoration. I guess that it is the best excuse to you to visit this little kingdom and explore it by yourself. Also this time I found out that Little Kook serves alcohol.  * all pictures in this post from the inside of cafeteria are made in July 2016


Are you up for a  lemonade? Or maybe for delicious chocolate cake?

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

And in the end, to finish with the same spirit, the quote from Alice :

“If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there”

Honestly, I didn’t know where I am going when I started to go around Athens streets but yes I found my destination. Undoubtedly, I am looking forward to visiting this place again and again, and who knows what I will find the next time I visit…

Destination: Little Kook, Karaiskaki 17, Athina 105 54


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