Becoming a professional travel blogger I started to look cities in a different way. All those city tours become my everyday routine. It will not be fair if I say that I didn’t like that. Many tours were awesome especially when I go as a solo traveler who would like to meet locals and have a company. I believe that you were in that situation too. However, have you been on the tour with the group of people and tour guide who was rushing you because – HEY – you have to reach the next destination and time is limited!? Apparently, you need that guide because without him you will not be able to orientate but also with him you will not be able to enjoy as much you want, make some cool photos and explore.

That’s why I have partnered up with  In the Loop, the cool premium curated guide app, where you can find great tips about Thessaloniki. I always look for that kind of tips when I visit a new place. And even though I am based in Thessaloniki for a bit longer, I was surprised by the places I discovered and information about them. It is enchanting that those places are in the center, really easy accessible on foot. That is another reason why I’m proud as punch to be an ambassador for this app for visitors but also locals. The app introduced me to some places that are not easy to be found. Being In the Loop is like having someone else who did all homework for you, collected all information and maps, but also gave you some coupons for free drinks, souvenirs, and freedom to discover it by yourself.  Thessaloniki, you never cease to amaze me!

The Art Loop includes 12 stops but as I said this application gave us a freedom to choose when we will visit them and for how long. My decision was to start slowly – step by step. I wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t heard of my first stop -Nitra Gallery, it seems not many have. Hidden in plain sight between old historical buildings of Ano Poli, the building that houses the gallery is dated back in 1926 and is built by the owner Ms Pepi’s grandfather.

Maybe that it is the reason why Ms Pepi will welcome you to her gallery like it is her home.  She wouldn’t miss a chance to talk about the area and its history.

“If I have time and I get annoyed of working, I make a walk around the ancient forum. It is the best thing to do. I like to imagine that I am back in the time. I also used to go there when I was a child with friends to play games. Back then we didn’t know that it is the Roman forum. ”

Meeting Ms Pepi, I felt like I am watching a movie about the bridge between the past and the present. She started to tell me about her studies in marketing and how she got the idea to open the Atrion gallery ( today named Nitra). I could not resist to ask her about the gallery’s name.

“Would you like a cup of coffee? “, Ms Pepi distracted me politely. I nod my head. “Well, I am sorry, what did you ask me? Ah yes, it will be a long story that started 20 years ago.” Not taking a breath, passionately she was asking and answering the questions at the same time. ” This all happen because of my love towards art.  I was a lecturer at one university where I got the idea about opening the gallery. In that time Greece was not in the current economic situation, and people could afford to spend on art a lot of money. That’s why we hosted renowned famous artists. Unfortunately, today things are different. ”

As much as she was talking, I wanted to know more about her and her steps. I found that Atrion beside changing its location it also reversed its name to Nitra and as well as its name it has the opposite purpose. Ms Pepi said that when they decided to make Nitra they decided to help the young artists to build the careers and to promote them abroad.

At the moment in the gallery, there is an exhibition named Matter of Process by Panos Famelis. The piece below is the favorite one of the author, although Ms Pepi prefers one from the picture up. As she said that one has a lot of sceneries inside of it, and there is something light that makes difference and attracts people to think positive.

The fact that I see one thing and you see another in the same painting make this piece as an awesome art. I couldn’t agree more with the one that art speaks where words are unable to explain.

The exhibition presents a personal two-dimensional and three-dimensional writing that “plays” with the boundaries of material, mainly affecting issues of the process itself, which starts from the creation of the oil that the artist makes himself in his workshop.

After coffee, there is always time for food!

I couldn’t miss the recommendation from the app and not to visit the nearby tavern. As soon as you step through the front door, the busy world at your back just melts away and stop to exist.

A world made of Flamingos, Deers, pictures with various patterns, glittering feathers, and various decorated plates. Thinking where on earth in my flat I could house these wallpapers.

I found out that this place was founded back in 2014 in the place of an old flower shop. Today two ladies behind the scene are constantly following trends, updating its menu and aiming to become better. They wanted to open a place which will be an open kitchen for everyone and I guess that they made it! I love the fact that  I could watch how they are preparing the food and that all dishes are freshly made at the same moment!

There’s no going wrong here, order anything and it will be sensational. I decided to trust  Ms Maria and it was not the wrong decision. Beautiful, delicate, well thought out traditional dishes using the very best Greek ingredients but also really affordable.  The ladies told me that recipes are from Epirus and Northern Greece with few additions.

So, guys as you can guess, our ART tour is not over yet! Have you used any tour apps before? Stay tuned cause next week we will visit two more places from the app till then check In the Loop by yourself and let me know your impressions!





You can download In the Loop application from Apple or Google store on your cell phone. For now, it includes Welcome, Art & Night Loop of Thessaloniki.

Every Loop has tips, information, all necessary details, but also some coupons and hints in order to make your experience more awesome! I decided to make a little competition and take one of you for a Night Loop to remember in a city that never sleeps! As described it is insiders’ night out to some of the hottest nightlife spots for everyone’s taste!


In order to participate in the competition, you need to 

  • download In the Loop application
  •  find your favorite spot listed in the app of Thessaloniki
  • send me the screenshot of the place from the app

Let’s get In the loop together! I promise you a special treat!


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