Hello! We are getting closer to the warm days! Those nights that we can spend on the beach, being able to run barefoot on the sand, and to listen music on the coast side till the moments when the sun comes up.

Shades of Spring.

Something like this?

In the Spring is also my Birthday. In the Spring people start to smile often. And on the first day of the Spring people wear Martenitsa.

It is a bracelet made of white and red yarn. White color represents purity and the red color represents passion and life. This tradition dates back to Ancient Greece in Eleusis where were performed the secret rites for the cult of Demeter and Persephone. There are different beliefs connected with the bracelet, from the ones that person wearing the bracelet is protected by the power of the spring sun till the belief that when the person wearing the bracelet see the birds returning from migration needs to tie the bracelet around a bush in order to encourage bird to make its nest there.

I would like to believe in another story. I want to believe in power of nature. Passion and purity. To look on the Spring as a new beginning and the balance that everyone seek for in life, and my martenitsa as a lucky charm.

When we are talking about tradition, tradition also states that Martenitsa is always given as a gift to loved ones, friends, and people we feel close to us. Following that tradition, I have contacted C’est La Vie ladies and chose the perfect Martenitsa for me and my boyfriend. Do you also have this tradition in your country? If you do, or have any similar customs share it with me in the comments below! I am looking forward to read about it.

If you still don’t have your Martenitsa or maybe you prefer the blue eye bracelet more, be free to check C’est La Vie page and choose the one that match to your  style.

One more thing! I would like to challenge you to join me in this happy month in the Instagram challenge and post pictures about small things that make your day! All you need to do is to post picture and use hashtag  #itsagreeklife. The challenge will be going till the end of March and at the end of month I ll be happy to announce the winner.

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