I have told you many tricks and tips about trip to Russia already , shared with you best places to eat, and activities to do. Ten years later it came time to refresh our Moscow experience and to add some new places to our notebooks that will make the stay in the city unforgettable.

Thanks to Aegean Airlines, our flight was safe and sound. One more time they proved the quality service and professionalism.  Our flight lasted three hours and we were late in the night on Domodedovo Airport.  Pretty fast, indeed! The airport is nothing scary! As many would say it is huge, not organised, horrific experience- in my case it was completely opposite. We left the airport after half an hour, passing the passport control, and our adventure started.

The first lesson learned in Moscow happened the same night. Be careful with taxi drivers. The taxi is a lot cheaper than in other European cities. From the airport to Ibis Moscow Kievskaya was about 1000 rubles, which is around one hour of driving. As I said, we came late in the night, so in order not to struggle we went for it.  Yandex taxi was the company that everyone recommended and not even 10 minutes away from airport we had a car accident. Taxi driver left us on the middle of the road without calling another cab and charging us from the credit card for the complete ride.

Tired, a bit shocked, and grateful that we are fine, after couple of hours we were at the hotel. I chose Ibis Moscow Kievskaya hotel mostly because of its location and the price. It is located just few meters from one of the main metro stops and not even half hour away on foot from the Red Square. For someone who wants to explore Moscow, this is a confluence of modern Moscow architecture and the old fairy-tale spirit of the city. A perfect point to start the fresh journey.

The check in was pretty fast, and in couple of minutes we were in our room on the twelfth floor. Can you imagine that feeling after the rush day when you enter the room and just jump into fluffy king size bed? Leaving all thoughts for later.

The room has everything someone may need. Not too much stylish- luxurious, but  minimalist futuristic design. I appreciated that electric stocks were around.  On the disposal were all the time working bar – restaurant, which might say we used as a room service constantly.  I really felt here like being at home! Probably it is due to the fact that all Accor hotels has the same kind of service. ( just before this trip I stayed at 4 stars Novotel Hotel at Krasnoyarsk)

2 Kievskaya Street, 121059 MOSCOW, RUSSIA
For reservations or information about the price of the hotel please contact them directly. As always I advice you to do booking directly through hotels for the best price.  Average price for night stay at Ibis is around 60 euros.
h8225-re1@accor.com  accorhotels.com

I did my homework before the trip and separated the city in four sections. Travelling with someone means having to make compromises that’s why my plan at every destination has at least one thing that my boyfriend wanted to see. I got crazy about those metro stations and he wanted to check out the Cosmonaut Memorial Space Museum.  * about metro is in the next post

The Monument to the Conquerors of Space is located at Prospekt Mira street, just across the famous VDNkH park. Since 1981. when it was anniversary of the first manned space flight, it is open to public to commemorate nation’s achievement’s space exploration.

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