When I got an invitation to spend my afternoon at Polis Hammam in Thessaloniki, my first reaction was googling what is the real meaning behind hammam word. I found out that Hammam also known as a Turkish bath is the Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath, which can be categorized as a wet relative of the sauna. Hammams are not only the cleaning places but also health and entertainment centers where people enjoy social activities.  During the Ottoman period, it was one of the few places where women could socialize with other women. As I adore spa treatments, this hammam experience was the best way to spend my day after the trip and relax together with my friend Amber from Provocolate.com. 

Polis Hammam exists 5 years in Thessaloniki and is located in a quiet and a bit isolated neighborhood. It is really easy to get there, I decided to take a taxi (that costs around 8 euros from the center) but you can also reach it with the bus. I need to mention that I have seen this Polis Hammam many times before, and every time I was imagining how it looks like from the inside. Finally, I got the chance to check it out and satisfied my curiosity!

As  I entered inside, I have found silence and tranquility. The contemporary colors, minimal decor, scents, sounds, people with the smile, take you to a state of relaxation. Indeed such a great way to forget all obligations that are waiting for! I even forgot my “to do” list for a moment.  The therapist showed me the way to the dressing rooms where I could change into a swimsuit. The dressings room was clean and tasteful with lots of wood and natural materials. There I also found flip-flops and the traditional Turkish peshtemal towel. After the belongings were locked in the locker and I have filled up the little questionnaire, my adventure has started!

Polis Hammam offers a long list of treatments. However, I had chosen the Pasa Hammam treatment. This treatment basically means when you have someone bath and exfoliate you from neck to toe. It’s derived from the ancient Greek and ancient Roman bathing practices, where a person is washed and massaged by another person in a super-hot room.

Filling out the questionnaire about the health conditions before going to have the Passa Hammam treatment

As I mentioned before, I was kind of nervous, and the fact that I am not feeling so good when is the  steamy weather made me to be worried at the beginning. The first moment, indeed was a bit shocking, when I felt all the steam on my body and I tried to catch some clear air, but guys this is hammam! I decided to let all my senses enjoy this experience and close my thoughts for a bit. The therapist also showed me where I can take cold or warm water, and a little pot so I can shower myself in case I am getting too warm, and then she left for a bit,  letting me to relax.

Passa Hammam starts in the warm marble covered room

Here Amber and I had awesome time.  We chatted, laughed, shared some stories as well as recipes. For a moment, I asked myself if the ladies in the past have spent the time here in the same way? What did they talk about? What was their hot topic to discuss? 

Just in time, when I felt completely relaxed, the team of the therapists entered the room and our bathing ritual started.  I enjoyed the full body exfoliation treatment with the “kessa” glove! It was definitely something that my skin needed after many days being burnt on the sun. There was a lot of sprinkling and splashing, bubbles, and a gentle massage. My therapist was one nice looking young polite guy.

After we finished massage that lasted about 90 minutes, I was escorted to the second floor for a hot tea and savored loukomi, a powdered gelatin like sweet known to many around the world as Turkish Delights. Do you remember that movie scene from Sex and the city when the girls are camping in Sahara? This was my movie moment! Following up with the same show, I will finish this post with the quote from one of the movies.

 ‘They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but spending time with friends at hammams never go out of style.’

Hey, have you been at Polis Hammam? What is your hammam experience?



You can find more information about Polis Hammam and their offers on their website. I could not make photos during the treatment. Therefore, do visit the website for more images – polis-hammam.gr.   I would like to mention that I was guest of Polis Hammam in Thessaloniki. However, everything stated in the article is based on my own opinion without any influence, and I truly adore this experience as much that I would take one of the treatments as a gift to my friends’ birthdays.


Konstantinou Karamanli 40A, Kalamaria Τ: +30 2310 488 216 email: info@polis-hammam.gr

Monday – Friday: 13:00 – 23:00
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00 – 23:00


Avliton 6-8, Psirri T: +30 210 321 20 20 email: athens@polis-hammam.gr

Monday – Friday: 12:00 – 23:00
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00 – 23:00

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