I have longed to visit the area of Kilkis in the fall for as long as I can remember. Watching the colors change before our very eyes, the leaves get more and more vibrant, the views opening up alongside the road. Actually, every time on the way to Serbia I was wondering what is Kilkis about, except the magnificent bigger colors, never-ending landscapes and new flavors that I wanted to stop every few feet to roll around in them.

Last weekend, I decided to give a chance to this area and spend a day discovering it. It is about one hour away from Thessaloniki, the perfect daily escape. According to my previous research, the first worth visiting destination was the old town of Gynaikokastro. Unfortunately, there are not so many signs on the road, neither people living nearby, neither place to buy water from. Therefore, my advice is to have a bottle of water, and google map ready.  And guys, if you are driving be careful, we saw a little pig on the road! 

In order to reach the top of the castle, you will need to walk for a bit.  It wasn’t a question if we will make it or no, as I wanted to see the Byzantine castle that was founded in 1328-1341 for the defense and protection of the settlements of the area from the barbarian raids. It was a strong fortress and there were Byzantine officials there. Up and up we climbed, giving each other a helping hand when things got rocky!

Of course, all struggles are easier with a good friend by your side.  Having conquered the mountain (ok, it may have been a hill but let’s call it artistic license), as with most things, when we looked back we could see it was all worth it!

Being at Doiran lake, I wanted to visit the Military Memorial to the soldiers from the First World War who fought in the third Battle of Doiran. The Greeks were allied with the British as well as with the Serbs and the French.  Honestly, I am not the best example of the historical person but I truly believe that it is important to visit the memorial and show the respect for ones who saved your country.

This memorial is the beautiful one! The Lions, the view of the lake and the whole area is marvelous!

We made ourselves at home on the shores Doirani.

It was flawless! Caramelised, crispy, chocolate flavored view! 

Despite not being far from the hubbub of Thessaloniki, feels like a world away.

After the whole day, I got hungry. To say the truth, I couldn’t find a nice place around the lake. The restaurants  I visited were too oilish and overpriced. That’s why I decided to go to the nearby village and stay at Kroussia Hotel. We were treated to one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Beautiful, local, organic ingredients, prepared with care and a touch of theatre. An afternoon to remember!

A few months ago I  asked a friend how did Kilkis get the name, he told me that there was a story about a lady and her killing kiss. I don’t know if it is the true one, but at least I know that the first taste of Kill-kiss has influenced me in many ways and it’s not easy to forget.

Pop back next week, I still have more adventures to share after all…






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  1. Sorry to break this to you but no, Kilkis is not from a killer kiss, someone was just pulling a joke on you.

    • SerbianGirlinGreece Reply

      Ah I guessed that it was a case, but sometimes is still better to believe in a story that makes it look like a fairytale 😉

    • SerbianGirlinGreece Reply

      Thank youuu so much guys! You are always welcome to Greece!:)

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