I  believe that  I could talk to you about Peloponnese for hours. It has so many details for watching, and moments to enjoy! It doesn’t matter if you prefer those crazy cities full of parties, or tranquil places, Peloponnese will leave you speechless! Between the trips, I decided to visit Petra kai Fos, a luxury boutique hotel, and relax just before our next trip with TBG. I learned that you can get there by airplane till Kalamata and then continue your trip by car, or you can reach it straight by car from Athens. To be honest, I don’t know how much hours you will need to get here, but with the breaks and visiting some Instagram cute cities, it took me around 4 hours. Believe me, it is worth it! 

Petra ka Fos Boutique Hotel & Spa

As soon as you reach Iitilo, Lakonia, you will see the recognizable logo of Petra kai Fos hotel. I love it! Since 2014. the hotel is renovated and owned by Ms Peggy who also welcomed me at the main entrance of the hotel. From the first step, I could realize that she is so passionate about this place. On the question why she decided to run hotel at this place, she told me that it is on the half way between her and her’s husband hometown. Is there anyone better than local to host us in the area?

After fast check- in, which indeed didn’t take more than 2 minutes, Thassos, from the reception, showed me my room.  My room was number 402, located on the first floor. The rooms are situated in the separate building, divided from the restaurant, pool, bar, and spa area. As you can see, the first day, the weather was not on my side!

But as people say, after the rain there is the rainbow! It happened here as well! It made me immediately to run to the balcony and enjoy this magical view!

The superior double room

I got the superior double room with the sea view and this room was huge! It has a king size comfortable bed, desk, wardrobe, two small cabinets, television and mini bar.

And as I mentioned before, every detail of the hotel is carefully chosen. The stones are everywhere and most of the furniture and decoration are from Mani area. For example, the bathroom is astonishing! It has a huge shower area as well as this adorable sink! The bathroom amenities also fit with the hotel style so they have the orange aroma. I couldn’t resist to not ask Ms Peggy why orange is everywhere when she told me that Peloponnese is famous for them. She is trying to use all local products, flavors, colors in order to promote her hotel and the area! It gives the tourist unique experience, the different one that the tourist can get in other parts of Greece.

The restaurant

Indeed, Petra kai Fos is a bit further from the city, it is not so convenient to go there to eat all the time, but there is no need for that. The restaurant of this cute boutique hotel is delicious! I don’t know if you ever heard of Chef’s table show, but here I felt like I am the part of one of the episodes. This restaurant has the signature of the acclaimed chef Christoforos Peskias. Besides the Greek breakfast menu, which was delicious ( the picture below), I enjoyed the flavors of this area! Again the orange was the leader! Surprising flavors with unthinkable combinations create the unforgettable tasty experience!

The first day for the lunch I wanted to try something special from Mani, so the chef of the cuisine suggested me the traditional pasta. It is spaghetti with special cheese (mitzifra – I am sorry for not being able to spell it correctly), smoked pork and fried egg on the top. It looks fabulous! And from my experience, it is even tastier if you break the egg. Have you tried it before?

The restaurant is located in the main area and it has the view of the sea and the pool. It has so much light that I realized that the second part of the name of hotel “fos” – in Greek meaning the light – actually is connected with this. This hotel is made out of the stones, and its washed by the light.  I guess that you already know that I have “a thing” for the sunsets, so I couldn’t miss this moment! The relaxing music in the background, sunset which covers the Mountain Taygetus….

SPA & Wellness area

Besides this astonishing pool, the hotel also has the Ioni spa area. Honestly, this time I couldn’t be in the gym, but this gym is one of the best gyms I have ever seen in hotels. There is also a jacuzzi and massage area.  The queen of massage is physiotherapist  Maria Kappa.  She has introduced me with the massage offer and recommended me the full body one. This massage experience is not possible to describe and undoubtedly I could repeat it every week! Maria also recommends me some places to visit and cocktail bars to check, but let’s keep it for the next post…

Before we finish our stay at Petra kai Fos,  I would like to tell you that this hotel is pet friendly hotel, and there is many activities around to do! It is perfect place for young couples or friends for luxury peaceful vacation! I guarantee that you will have the best time!

When I asked Ms Peggy why she loves this place, she told me that when she lays next to the pool she forgets about all her problems. It is the best way to escape from the daily busy routines and to award ourselves! At the end a bit of luxury cannot hurt anyone!




I would like to thank to  Ms. Peggy Nika and her family for their hospitality at their lovely hotel and all the staff for their warm service. I felt like a princess having the great treatment and indeed I was proud of the effort that the Greek professionals in the field do for the quality hospitality.

Petra kai Fos Boutique Spa Hotel   www.petrakaifos.com 

For more information please contact the hotel at  hotel@petrakaifos.gr or  by phone  +30 27330 54050.



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