You’re never too old for a family weekend away, right? My mother and sister decided to spend an early vacation in Leptokarya,  and it was a call for me to visit the area! We wanted  to be sure that we can have places around to check, possibility to indulge in good food and drink in order to relax, spend a quality time and chat about every little detail of our lives that we are missing living far away.  This part of Greece is a great half-way point for us,  as my family is an often guest of the region, we are kind of feeling like being at home away from home. So, for our latest meet-up we checked in to the Poseidon Palace Hotel.

This hotel is located a few minutes from Leptokarya. Not far away at all, as we were not bothered to go back and forth in the middle of the night for an ice cream. But let me tell you the whole story from the beginning.

Although we came in the last week of May, the weather was pretty summerish! Upon our arrival, the receptionist gave me the keys and asked me politely if I am willing to relax in the hall with a non alcoholic cocktail! It was a sweet bitter taste! I didn’t drink it all as I wanted to explore the resort. Oh my God! It is a huge one. Many entertainers, , as well as buses with guests were constantly coming.  One of the receptionist gave me an introductory talk about an outdoor pools, playground and a wellness center with massage rooms and gym. He showed us the way to our executive suit and kindly reminded us that he is always on our disposal. 

As this hotel is actually made out of many amazing units, our suite 801 was located  just at the beginning of flower road. (if you know the name of those flowers please let me know in the comments)) I guess you already saw how much I was excited to stay here. Lately on my Instagram was all about Poseidon, just like a rabbit whole – never ending. This hotel has a crown of leading hotels in the area for a reason.

In our suite we had a living room, a bedroom, huge bathroom but wait to see a balcony. The living room was a size of the living room at my home. All you need for a family vacation was already there. The bedroom has a king size bed and the huge window which can be your alarm in the morning. I did enjoy it but cannot say the same for my partner. He preferred those dark curtains to be closed.

I guess that this is the first time that we spend so much time inside hotel and still we didn’t explore everything.  No, do not have those thoughts, we were outside walking all the time. Poseidon is a place where you can never be bored.

As the hotel is located just on the foot of Mountain Olympus, it is named by one of 12 Olympus Gods. According to the Greek mythology Poseidon was the God of the Sea and other water, the earthquakes and horses.  That’s why his statue can be also found in the hotel, just between two pools, on the road to the golf field. I didn’t play golf, but I had to make a photo below! Basically I realized that this paddy is used by waiters to transport the drinks between the bars and for easier organisation at the field. I paid attention the first day to it and I couldn’t leave without picture. But do you play golf?

The alarm for the quality summer holiday for me is located at the beach. That’s the moment when Poseidon Palace takes the first place. You will be able to go barefoot to the beach – it is in front of your nose! Basically if you can not decide whether to swim in the pool or in the sea, you can mix it all the time. And you can also be smarter than me. When I was in Leptokarya I was running in the morning to catch the sunbed. Here as a guest of Poseidon you will not have that problem. In the shadow below the trees you can have those fancy real mattress sunbeds or you can choose the ones who are few steps next to the water with umbrellas.

There is also a bar around, so with one call the waiter will bring you the drink! Those people who decided to go for all inclusive service will be able to drink all day whatever they wish without cost. I remember when I was a child I found it super cool! Coca cola on refill!

And after the beach again the pool time. The hotel has two outside pools. The bigger the better. I followed that quote. Also, Zumba in the water was in the action at that one. No, I didn’t make a dancing video as I am not the best in it, but I will practice till the next time!

After swimming it came time to talk about food. The breakfast is served at the restaurant just next to the reception. Two ladies with the smile will welcome you and wish you a wonderful day! For food we do not need to talk too much – it is amazing! A huge variety for everyone! I was surprised by those fresh fruits and the fact that every morning it was a different food on the menu.








I had to try everything! Omlette from Giorgos and pancake from lady with the smile. The next morning there was even a chocolate pie with caramel ice cream! It became my favorite dish! I had to tell you a secret. One morning I took a bit of spinach pies, a chocolate and coffee on a plate and took it with me to the sunbed. I know that a bar on the beach has free snacks but the spinach pie doesn’t have competition!

After couple of days chilling I had to start to explore, the travel bug woke up.  I also wanted to show to my family that Greece is a more than laying on the beach.

“there is a small chapel in the hotel, do not miss to visit it! it is adorable”

As I was a guest of this hotel, I was also invited to visit Gallaria Tunnel Beach bar. There I met Apostolis and Manos, two brothers behind Poseidon Group. I loved their positive attitude and the way how they are combining tradition with modern lifestyle.  Manos told me that in hospitality there is only one rule and that it is that they must do everything possible to make client to be pleased and to leave place with the smile. The brothers have the same attitude with the staff as I learned that the same people from the hotel work at Gallaria and it made this place unique. They all can be seen as one huge family. I am sure that visitors can feel it! I did.

CV skill: enjoying Greece like a pro ✔️

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It feels amazing seeing people drinking their coffee and having a drink at Gallaria and still being happy. They recommend the place, not regretting their choice of being here, said Manos.

I didn’t regret my choice even for a moment. Either I don’t know anyone who would. Also I love how many of people were texting me what is their favorite sunbed and corner of the bar when they visit. Guys, I found mine as well! It is this peaceful corner on the picture above. Olga, a friend of mine, suggested the one below.

This bar is not only a bar. It is a museum and symbol of the area. Inside of it you will find the boards with an amazing story through history. As Manos said they grow up there,  looking at it as a playground. From games and creativity was born their idea to advertise the area and to make something that everyone can be proud of. The significance of the tunnel can be heard in many discussions from locals but also from foreigners.

Because the place is something unique we avoid calling it just a  bar or a store, so we call it all the time ” GALLARIA”, Manos explained.

At the end Manos suggested me to return back and revisit the place again as many new projects are coming. When their passion is combined with a knowledge, positive attitude and experience success is expected. He told us about future digital use of the tunnel and some creative events at the hall! It was enough to made me to wish to return! And what about you?

Ah one more thing !

I learned first about Gallaria from one Facebook group where someone wrote that it is far away destination, not approachable by car, and pretty expensive for normal tourist. Well to the Sir who wrote it – probably we do not talk about the same place. Gallaria has a huge parking spot just few steps in front of it, basically if you are laying on the beach you will spot your car from the sunbed. About prices, they are normal, you will just need to pay extra  for using the sunbed but it is worth of it and you will get an extra towel for using as well!

Gallaria ,  Paralia Panteleímon, Pieria, Greece 60065  Unfortunately the website is only in Greek but they do have the facebook page in english.

  • I would like to make disclosure that this is not paid content and that I also paid my drinks as well as using the beach during the visit Gallaria.

It is still a day so we have some more time for strolling. Again not far away about 5 kilometers from our previous spot, there is a traditional Greek village. I heard about this village a lot. Many Greeks were telling me stories about the place where someone can taste, experience the old Greek charm.  Thanks to the GPS, we were there in a few minutes. In the case you do not have GPS, just go up and straight. To the hill.

We were welcomed by fresh dancing air, astonishing view, and Charlie – the dog. As my sister said this was not down in any map; but paradise places never are.  “There is a land of tradition and Greek Gods.”  Charlie barked. “How far?” I had to ask. “Just over the river through the woods. To the grandmother’s house…”  We decided to follow him. At least, he is a local. 🐾

He took us to amazing paved streets with traditional taverns and stores where one can buy homemade sweets. One lady also gave me a spray of one aroma although it was a bit harsh smell. I couldn’t wash it all day after. A perfect souvenir.

That lady showed us a way behind a white house to check the best view of Thermaikos Gulf.  The path to the village is fullfiled with chestnuts, oak and arbutus. The paved roads are decorated with painted ornaments.  Old Panteleimonas is an ancient shepherd village that dates back to the early 15th century. It’s designated as a National Heritage Monument. A small village which was abandoned in the 1950’s by its inhabitants, got its fame back in 1980. Either due to a film shot there by Theo Angelopoulos, or due to any other reason, the stone houses started being rebuilt and life came back to the village!  A story with a happy end! It’s also one of the cutest villages I’ve visited in Greece!

It’s hard to think of a more picturesque setting. It was love at first site for me with Old Panteleimonas. If I ever write a book, this is the place I would want to do it!

And you? What is your perfect place for making memories? My family now has one memory more of spending few days at Poseidon Palace and having the opportunity to meet Greece in a new shape. It is not everything about the crystal sea, the history and the people can make mark bigger than any other souvenir. Poseidon Palace did that to me.


I would recommend this hotel and the area to everyone, to the couples who seek to be alone and enjoy their intimacy, to  the people who seek luxury holidays, to the ones who seek for history lesson, or maybe for a family trip just like mine. If you stay at this hotel, you will not make a wrong choice! Be free to contact me for more or just contact hotel by visiting their website


Thanks to Manos and Apostolis Jovas for their hospitality and for showing me that Greek tourism and professionalism has an amazing future. During my stay I was a guest of Poseidon Palace Hotel.

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