I don’t know if I told you before but I always had that thing for horses! I adore them! I planned it many times to spend a day riding horses and exploring Greek islands! A perfect match! Don’t you think so? When I said to my friends that I am heading to Hydra, they all told me about  Harriet’s Hydra Horses. What was more stunning was that my TBG members already spoke with Harriet and arranged it in advance! Happiness in the air!

Harriet’s meeting point is not far away from the center, actually, it is 5 minutes walking from the port. There is a sign on the street lamp but I guess that horses will take your attention! Harriet is English and she came to Hydra with her mum on holiday when she was 10. As she fell in love with Hydra, she decided to stay here and start her own Greek life.  Today she is fluent in Greek. Could you imagine that she had her first pony ride when she was only eighteen-months-old? It is not surprising that after her return to Greece, in 2014. she decided to start Harriet’s Hydra Horses.

The first moment I met her, she introduced me to my friend for that day, Roulis.  He is 4 years old and was born in the Peloponnese. As Harriet described Rouli was her second rescue horse from the island and sadly had his tail docked. When she met him he was starving but with the help of Harriet, today, he looks awesome! His character is positive and he loves to be around people!

All horses I met that day were looking so friendly and happy! It’s obvious that Harriet takes good care of them like they are her friends, even though they work hard in the summer! For example, riders can choose between ten treks. It depends on how much time you have at your disposal, the treks can last from one to eight hours.  There is a trek to Kamini harbor, which also has delicious restaurants around, or the trek to Vlychos Plakes, an awesome beach for swimming.

Personally, I like the most the trek inside the island that lasts for an hour and 40 minutes. This trek is going inland to the church of St Konstandinos the Patron Saint of Hydra and then there is 30-minute rest allowed at a turning point for photos (overlooking Hydra port) and after that 35-minute return trip following the same route. Of course that everyone has different preferences so Harriet made an amazing schedule for everyone!

Need to mention that the kids – members of Travel Bloggers Greece, joined this trek as well. All the time, Harriet was taking care of them, making sure that they are safe and comfortable. For safety reasons, Harriet always asks for riders to wear safety helmets. She also recommends riders to do not wear flip-flops and to wear longer shorts or leggings even in the summer so that they don’t get sore legs from chaffing on the saddle. And guys, from my experience,  don’t forget your camera!

Roulie and I had an amazing day together so I couldn’t avoid posting this picture although it is a bit blurry!

I would recommend this treks to everyone who is coming to the island and searching for the adventure! This is the best way to meet Hydra and locals! Last day I even saw one future to be a married couple, taking their wedding pictures with my friend Rouli! Did you enjoy a trek with Harriet’s horses before? What is your experience?




I was a guest of Harriet’s horses, however, all opinions stated in the article are based on my own experience. As mentioned above, Harriet is one positive polite lady who made my weekend at Hydra unforgettable. For more information please contact Harriet by her facebook page or check her website at www.harrietshydrahorses.com.



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