I was sitting on the floor above the keyboard of my computer for probably two hours. For the moments, I was taking a break, watching the news without tone and eating salad with avocado. Sometimes I am surprised of my cooking skills after those years living alone. Half dressed in my hello kitty pajama, half in my princess’ shirt, to not forget tiger socks, I am trying to destroy monotony.  

Happiness is a state-of-mind.

A lot of things have happened to me in the past period and I managed to learn a lot from them. I believe I could talk to you about them forever, but today is the day for doing nothing.  

It is a day about Thessaloniki’s lifestyle.

Doing nothing makes you start your something.

Doing nothing is not easy.

While my coffee is getting cold, my friends are chatting with the random people. Gossiping about their day which consists of 4 coffees at 4 different places. Guys, we are in Thessaloniki! They can stay like this for hours drinking coffee, chatting, observing people and doing nothing.

Halara – take it easy.

Be willing to give up what you know for a new perspective of life, and remember fear leads you to run away from the success that you can achieve. I decided to put away all expectations and to live Greek dream. In the background, the grandpa is playing Lambada song. It’s addictive. People, who are different ages, are sitting around and enjoying the melody which makes them travel into memories. And guess what?! You are never too old, never too serious, to make yourself to be relaxed. Diving through culture and spirit of Thessaloniki is a sport for everyone. You just need to put effort into it and to practice. Sooner or later you will be ready for competition. Competition to do nothing.  As I said, in the beginning, it is not easy.
P.S. Faith is the best weapon in order to succeed.

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