Getting to Kavala is easier than I thought! You can take a bus from Thessaloniki and in about two hours, there you are! Kavala also has an airport and amazing port which connects Kavala with fabulous islands. I guess that all of you have heard of Thassos island and that you didn’t even think that you can make a stop for a couple of days dancing In the rhythm of Kavala. 

The hotel for the last three nights on my recent trip to Kavala was Airotel Galaxy Hotel. This four star hotel is one of the Airotel Group Hotels that also exists in Athens and Patra. In order to not make my post boring, I will not tell you any details about the hotel which you can find in their catalogue, I will simple share with you my experience.

After I have arrived at the bus station, I asked one guy on the street politely if he can tell me how to find my hotel. “Lady, your hotel is just across the street.” Leading by this, I was so happy to not have to carry my bag far away or to search for a taxi.  My story with this hotel starts in about 3 minutes, when very friendly Giorgos, the receptionist, wished me welcome! He made my check in done fast.

I headed up to the fifth floor to see my room! The room 574 was moderately sized with a large sliding-glass window. The room was fairly standard and included a bathtub, instant coffee station and desk area. Clean and comfortable indeed!

Love that this room has electricity sockets by the both side of the bed. As someone who has a lot of gadgets and using them all the time, it is really important!

The best thing about this room was this view!  I couldn’t get enough of it! 

The next day of my stay, while I was at the reception in order to change my door card that was magnetised by the cell phone, the receptionist asked me did I like the view of the gym? ” I haven’t been there yet, but I am on the way to check it “. And just like that, I found myself in a small but really comfortable gym which is at your disposal 24 hours.

Besides the gym, there is also a library. The rule is simple. There is no membership card, just take a book, have a seat and enjoy your time. You can also take any book you like and leave another one for an exchange.


On the seventh floor of the hotel, there is a roof garden restaurant and a place where the breakfast magic happens! I have mentioned already that this hotel’s breakfast can compete for a 5 star hotel! Who would resist to enjoy the time here?From 2010. the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels is promoting the Greek Breakfast Project. In general, the Greek Breakfast consists of bread, rusks, olive oil, yoghurt, cheese products, honey, fresh vegetables, pies and fresh fruit. Apart from these basic products, the hotel buffet is enriched with local dishes, depending on the region. These dishes could be, for example, cheese pie, spinach pie, milk pie (called galatopita in Greek), rice pudding with cinnamon on top (rizogalo in Greek) and many more. And guess what?! Airotel Galaxy Hotel was the first one that accepted this concept!

As soon as I saw this buffet my eyes got sparkly! Also, the most important part of my morning routine is coffee and at this hotel, you can choose from espresso, Greek coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, or any coffee you think of! In any moment, you can ask the ladies from the restaurant for a help.

Would I recommend this hotel to my friends?

Without thinking YES. This hotel is in the heart of Kavala, with comfortable huge bed and room made to satisfied all your needs. And as mentioned above, mouthwatering food combined with the roof garden restaurant is definitely an experience that you cannot miss!

Just make a picture of the summer night, live Jazz music in the background, a glass of Greek wine, and this astonishing view to the old town of Kavala! Does anyone need something more?




The price for the room with the sea view is about 70 euros per night. Moreover check out the Airotel Galaxy Hotel. 

*  During my trip at `Kavala, I was a guest of Airotel Galaxy Hotel. However, even though this post is written in collaboration with Airotel Group of Hotels all opinions written in this post are my own, based on my experience without any influence.

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