Ok, it happened. I was doubting that I will ever become a person who will count the days till the trip to Belgrade, but there is the first time for everything. Also, it was the first time to say goodbye to my beloved roommate from Ikea, the cactus. He was always there for me, in good, but also bad moments. I am not even aware how many times I was telling him stores from the greek class – every time I failed trying to accent the word correct. Although there were moments when it looked like he is going to leave me, he was carefully absorbing my words, and I was really proud to talk about him to others. In the end, I was the one who left.

Today, I have a new roommate, Lemon. Nights that I have spent searching the answer on various questions how should I take care of cactus, have moved to questions about lemon. Everything is the same, just this time, there are shades of yellow. Exactly, like what happened with cactus, 3 years ago, I said goodbye to Belgrade. He left some marks on me and burnt me many times which caused that I was only thinking to go away not looking back.

From the new plans with Lemon, being happy because of his blooms, and desire that lemon takes a place in my home, I forgot on those moments when cactus got the first flower, and the happiness when I realized that he became bigger same as my love towards him. Cactus was mine and it was something safe. At the moment when I had started to feel fulfilled in Thessaloniki, at the same time I met some new people in Belgrade. They made that cactus gets flowers again, but also that I realize that house can be any place in the world, but home is there where are the people we care about. And it doesn’t matter if its Greece, America, Dubai, China or there where the lemon tree blooms, it is important that those people who make our world better exist.

At the end, you have asked me how did I adapt to the Greek society? In the new environment, you will feel as foreigner many months, but it is important to respect people and culture around you. And don’t forget to fight for yourself,  to push yourself,  and to walk to the events that you are interested in, even though your invitation got lost on the way. You need to show to others with your actions, attitude, and success that you are worthy of their time and attention, but don’t forget about cactus. About those first emotions, marks which you had with him. And be proud when you are talking about that. I already mentioned you that I am counting days when I ‘ll return to Belgrade, even though  I can be burnt again.

During the time you will realize that isolation will not lead anywhere, the word you are seeking for is integration.

I guess that the best answer I can give you is that I am going to water the lemon.

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