Hydra is now one of the favorite stop-offs on the glittery international list, but even with that title, it’s keeping the Greek boho style, going slowly in its own rhythm. Being on this island, I didn’t want to waste time, so  I decided to have active trip visiting museums, strolling the hidden paves, riding a horse, checking the beaches, but also spending a bit of time in a way that every Taurus zodiac sign person would enjoy – checking the restaurants and stores.

I guess that now I am pretty competent to suggest you some tasty places that could make you fell in love with this country. At home we say that love is coming from the stomach, would you agree with me?

Kodylenia taverna at Kamini port

When I posted picture of Kamini port on Instagram, many of you have told me about the famous movie with Sophia Loren that was made here. It explains the fact that this is one of the popular tourist spots.  You can reach this peaceful Kamini port, by taxi boat (which is about 5 minutes ride), or taking a short walk along the path from the port (15 minutes walk). I have decided to experience the both of things, so getting the restaurant by taxi boat, and after that trying to loose some calories, walk to the main port.  But let’s go back to Kodylenia taverna!

My first impression was that this is probably one of the smallest restaurant I have ever seen – four tables and a menu of three dishes written on a chalkboard strung with dried sage made me to be interested to learn more about this place! Dimitris, the owner of the restaurant, welcomed me together with my TBG friends. He also suggested us what is the must dishes to try.

I was served with taramasalata (Greek fish roe dip),  mixed greens salad with cheese, nuts and balsamic vinegar sauce, wild greens, stuffed mushrooms, spinach pie, baked aubergines in a fresh tomato sauce, giant fava beans and many more delicious things which you cannot stop forking until you faint. Everything what they serve is homemade!

I also couldn’t resist fantastic shrimp saganaki and the local delicacy, the charred Hydra squid.

The taverna operates from March until the end of October.

Christina Taverna at Kamini port

At the same port, there is one more charming family owned the tavern. Christina’s children now run the family business continuing their mother’s passion for offering the tourists delicious food. As well here is everything handmade such as the vegetables which are grown in their family garden.

How do you like a view of the Kamini harbor?

I got the opportunity to try their Greek salad, cabbage and carrot salad, stuffed peppers with cheese and paprika, tirokafteri, fresh fries, fried squid, fresh grilled fish and many more things. However, I need to mention velvety beetroot salad! Besides its awesome pink color, it’s so instagrammish and delicious!

Ah and this taverna stayed in my memory by its cats! So do not be afraid if you are greeted by furry friends!

This happy picture is made on our way back to Hydra Town

To Piato at Hydra Harbor 

I believe that there is no person who was at Hydra but didn’t pay attention to this restaurant. It is located next to the Bell Tower and is well known for its impressive, indeed, authentic decor. The owner collected hundreds of original plates colored by famous artists, models, singers and other well-known people. For example one of those people are also Pamela Anderson, Vivienne Westwood, and Kate Moss.

If you ask the owner about the reason why the plates are on the walls, he will be more than happy to guide you through his experience and show you the pictures he made with his VIP guests. I enjoyed listening to his passionate stories. 

The menu includes a selection of Greek appetizers, both cold and warm, salads, grilled meat and fish dishes.

The Piato salad

We tried the signature of Piato restaurant, the Piato salad, made with a mixture of lollo rossa, lettuce, rocket, manouri cheese, dried apricots and pumpkin seeds, as well as a mixed grill with a selection of meats. I truly recommend you to try this salad! As addicted to salad person, I can say that it from 0-10, it deserves 10!

Caprice, inside the streets of Hydra Town, opposite St. Barbara church

Since 1994. this restaurant takes us to Italia. I loved the fact that it mixes up with the Greek style. It is located in the hidden corner of Hydra, just 150 meters away from the port. You will recognize this place by the boat in front of the restaurant or kitchen, ideal for lovers of good food and classic Italian style.

The night at Caprice, I had the chance to try pizza with an authentic, homemade, thin, Italian crust, and a large variety of fresh pasta but also dishes of great inspiration, local seafood, squid, sea urchin, lobster and delicious fish fillets.

Talking about Italian restaurant we can not miss to talk about the wine. Vassilis, the owner of the restaurant, created the wine list by himself and it includes mostly Greek and Italian labels. 

I couldn’t go against my curiosity, so I had to ask about the nautical decoration and photos in the restaurant. The girl from the restaurant was so polite and patient, happy to answer me on the questions I asked. I learned that Vasillis’ family actually has the nautical past behind. All those authentic nautical paintings, photos, old tools and equipment used by sponge divers mean a lot more than decoration.  It’s one more tasty place of Hydra with the soul and story behind!

II Casta, Inside the streets of Hydra Town, close to the Ipokampos Hotel where I stayed 

To continue with the Italian spirit, the next place is 100% Italian, or to be more precise from Napoli. The owner is one fancy Italian family, who tried to bring its vibrant recipes to the island. Even the staff is Italian, music, the ornaments, plates… Everything.

It is set in a beautiful courtyard inside the Hydra Town, trying to fit with its white environment. At some point, I thought that I am at Mykonos, or at one of those famous movie islands. 

As the menu serves seafood and Italian dishes, I tried their Impepata di Cozze — steamed mussels with pepper, casta salad made with arugula, bacon, feta cheese and avocado topped with modena balsamic vinegar, a refreshing cherry tomato and pasta salad flavoured with nuts and garlic as well as their homemade pasta with a tomato sauce.

My favorite dessert of the day

Prima at Hydra port

Last, the place that left the huge mark on my Hydra experience – Prima all day coffee and food bar. I guess that I am attached to this place as TBG celebrated there one awesome event. Actually, we had arranged a surprise birthday party for our friend Celeste.

The view is fantastic and we enjoyed wine, snacks and birthday cake while watching the sunset!

Chef George did an amazing job helping us organizing the surprise!  Need to mention that my last taste of Hydra was again at Prima, just before my boat arrived. Prima is located in the heart of Hydra, next to the port for arrivals and departures. Such a comfy place to relax!

Would you agree now with me that in Hydra you cannot stay hungry? There is cuisine for everyone and it satisfies everyone’s taste. Are you planning your trip to Hydra soon? What is your favorite restaurant there?


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